- Human Landscape I - Milky Eruption (NSFW)- 
paul-pond 2014c-printEdition of 15
- Scoop of Ice Cream -
paul-pond  2014c-printEdition of 15
- Paper Unicorn -
Paul Pond 2014 c-printEdition of 15
- Young Blood II -
Paul Pond 2014c-print Edition of 15
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model - philliphelmke

A quick look at how I created my work Dots and the first post of many where I try to showcase how I retouch and work on my photographs. I will do some reblogging too. 
- Your inner Light -(stay focused)
2014c-printEdition of 15
- Young Blood I -
2014c-print Edition of 15
- shadow -
Paul Pond 2014c-printEdition of 15
- schleifchen -
2014c-printEdition of 15

Anonymous asked: "are you the guy on laying down with a cake as a pillow in some concept photo"

No, but can you show me the picture I’m curious.